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the world's largest digital library

We're simply better.

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Better than Libby.

On Libby, you can only access the books available at your local library. On Comma, start reading any book from any library.

Better than Kindle.

Our collection is comparable to Kindle's, but you can read it all for FREE.

Better than Libgen.

It's legal. Pirated sites are not. If that isn't enough for you, the FBI is taking down pirating sites instead of taking lunch.

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Free Membership

Get access to millions of books and nearly all features. For free.

Instant Access

For Premium members, skip the hold lines and never wait to read a book again.

Personal Libraries

Create your own digital personal library to hold all of your all-time favorites. Thomas Jefferson would have.

Social Reading

Optional book clubs, book lists, and friends on Comma create a reading culture unmatched anywhere else.

p.s. if Comma doesn't have a book you want, just ask. Comma will find a copy for you.

meet the founders

Swarthmore College '26

Swarthmore College '26

Swarthmore College '26

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